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The Benefits and Relevance of FRED Energy


This is a very good time to promote green energy as big car manufacturing brands are delving into Electric Vehicles. This increasing attention is also on other hybrid technology like solar based gadgets. By 2040, annual electricity consumption from every form of EV will hit about 2250 TWh. The demand for electricity is on the constant rise, and this demand can be satisfied by green energy sources. FRED Energy is accelerating this green energy generation and usage by placing the system on the blockchain.


Below are some of the benefits that consumers and investors stand to gain from FRED Energy projects:

Pay As You Go scheme:
FRED Energy includes an application to ensure a sound payment system. With this, users can make payments in local currencies, FRED Energy tokens, and other cryptocurrencies. Now payments can be made instantly at the charging stations. These tokens are up for sale on the website and also during IEOs. Token sales usually occur in three rounds:

Energy Efficiency:
It is simply using a minimum amount of energy to achieve a particular function from a particular device. A significant percentage of the fuels used in cars end up turning into wastes in the form of harmful gases. The global energy need is yet to be satisfied because of these wastes. According to the IEA, as of 2016, the electricity demand for china is close to 5300TWh. To meet this demand, there should be no room for energy wastage or inefficiency.


Raised Awareness:
A major reason for the low adoption of alternative energy is the lack of extensive awareness. A lot of persons know about Electric Vehicles, but how many of them fully understand their benefits. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have played an enormous role in promoting these. The world is tending towards cryptocurrencies, and it being the core of the projects makes FRED Energy very attractive to consumers. FRED Energy plans to incentivize the use of EVs, electric, and solar Tuk-Tuks. These incentives are in the form of reasonable hire purchase rates and very low selling prices.

Reduced Carbon emissions:
The exhaust of cars is one of the primary sources of air pollution in our world today. To sustain our ecosystem and to leave a clean environment for the future, Electric Vehicle is the way to go. FRED Energy projects will start from Asia and then move to other emerging markets in the EU and UK. Electric Vehicles and other gadgets produce little or no carbon or any other greenhouse gases. For the optimum functioning of Electric Vehicles, charging stations need to be as rampant as possible. FRED Energy would be introducing several Charging Point Operators that will engage in niche markets that are consumer-driven.


The benefits derivable from investing in alternative energy are limitless, especially now that there is a global shift towards green energy. Beyond consumer benefits, the ecosystem is another major benefactor to all of these. The global electricity demand is increasing each year, so more investments and adoption is needed in green energy projects like this.

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