Bring deviled eggs for easter

Anybody in here still?
Guess not😕
May as well use the tech for post it notes.

Was thinking add some avocado to the yolk.
I know, very menial, millennial.
But I haven’t had one in a while,
Got me thinking.
Shot in the dark for a good recipe?
I know this ain’t google, but if you read this far, you got time on your hands so chop chop with a sloppy response.

Yes 2020 before us and behind, funny our hind site isn’t so blessed, what are we looking forward to, it may be at its very best.

We measure changes in decades that used to span generations, a global phenomenon of communications and technology and new laws of social engineering. This is the Wild West they’ll remember...

Still rage against the machine as it takes your pulse?

The art of it is it’s all true, if not in context with what truth is. The beauty in lies that every image is manipulated, and they’ll only get better or worse; played or player.

Yep, definitely a Monday.

I posted a think piece on computer canine alliances over at, probably go back there, ad free since forever. You’ll be the first to see it who didn’t hit the wrong button on a Russian website.


Happy new year all you crazy kids or adults or senior netizens abounding in these annals of history. Say hi to MySpace Tom for me.

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lol.... I'm still here....

09.01.2020 22:42

Do you think avocado deviled eggs are a good idea?

11.01.2020 15:57

Um yes!

16.01.2020 01:48