Yesterday is bad day of mine

Yesterday is bad day for me. My first cousin name jundie he with me for drinking and alcohol beverages called red horse. We enjoying drinking we done two bottles. That time I receive a call for my wife the cellphone was in my pocket I get it and answer the call.

I told my wife that I'm together with my cousin drinking little beverage. My feel angry her voice very loud he told me it's good you and your cousin together for whole life because you enjoy with him.

I don't answer anything my wife because she is on fire I off the cellphone and drink more.

Using your actions to make the day better rather than trying to think your way out of your bad day seems to be a lot easier to implement

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Kinabuhing minyo mego.😊

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20.09.2019 04:23

Nganong gi sodlan mego

20.09.2019 04:50

Hahahaha, da.e lang na mego, mga lamas sa kinabuhi.😊

25.09.2019 08:30