Woodward Delivers Manchester United's Results and A Look Into Post PSG Form.

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Ed Woodward has come out yesterday with their financial figures speaking to club investors. Manchester United have made annual record turnover of £627 million pound. Ed said that next year the failure to qualify for the champions league will cost the club between £40 and £60 million so the clubs turnover is expected to be around £570-£580 million next year. Their operating profit has been 50 million for the year. This is after the purchase and sale of the clubs players has been taken into account which is very very healthy indeed. This is up 6.3% on last year which is pretty good also.
As regards to the Glazier debt that was accrued when they purchased Manchester United. That is now down to £203 million. The original debt was said to be £778 million in 2010. It is reported that the family have taken close to a billion out of Manchester United football club.

Woodward did talk about investing in their youth system and also bringing in the three players. United right now have the second highest wage bill in world football especially now that De Gea has a new contract. They are the 3rd highest spenders in the last 5 years. The Glazier's have still spent alot of money. Now whether the money has been spent very well is another story. Towards the back end of last season there was talk of a director of football coming into play. Edward Van Der Saar was talked about as well as Rio Ferdinand.But these rumours have blown over.
On the performance last Sunday the Guardian did up the stats since the dizzy heights of the PSG game last seaosn, the height of Ole Gunnar's reign.

Premier League

Won Lost Drawn
4 4 7

This is 16 points from 15 games. So if we use this to calculate over an entire season it would come to 40 and a half points. This is relegation form. 15 games is quite a substantial amount of games. So how much trouble are they in here?
Solskjaer will need time and the Manchester hierarchy will look foolish if they double back before Christmas. I bet @deniskj that he would be sacked by the end of the season. If the above form continues I reckon he will be. He needs a distraction. A cup run. Something that takes away from the doom and gloom. Spurs and Arsenal are not looking much better so 4th place may still be within his grasp if he finds some confidence from players returning from injury.

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The money they're spending isn't reflecting on the quality of play, I think Woodward seems to have commercialised the club I don't think he cares about the results currently, that's why for me United may go ten years in this current situation buddy.

25.09.2019 14:28

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From @hertz300

25.09.2019 14:30

The Glazers have just sold 15 percent or their shares with no voting rights presumably to free up cash and shore up their own revenue.

I can tell you now that they are not using that money to reinvest in the club. All or the talk is absolutely bullcrap. Nothing is going to change unless we change the structure of the club and get a director of football.

It is interesting though that Solskjaer's signings have been quite successful but you could argue his managing has not been that good even when you factor in the thin squad.

I will not be surprised if next season he is the director of football and we get another manager with more experience at the club. But I cannot see the club sacking him this season. The hounds would be at Woodward's door for messing up another season and they cannot have that.

I won't say anything about bottleham's form or yesterdays loss for now until we overcome Rochdale ourselves... God knows we could lose as well. 🤣🤣🤣

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25.09.2019 15:04

Manchester United issue is with ed Woodward. He doesn't plan his transfer properly. Ole Gunnar issue is that if teams sit back he doesn't have plan b. This might force them to buy players in the winter window.

26.09.2019 04:24

Ed Woodrot should not be in charge of any football club he's a failed banker.

26.09.2019 06:13

I think its Important too Spent Money on Players that Performed the Best Doesn't Matter if the Player is Old Player or He is Entering the Club..

26.09.2019 07:24