THE DIARY GAME:19/06/2021

Hello everyone
I’m happy to be here again with another episode of my diary.
I woke up from bed at 4 pm today, worried and disturbed with family problems which my mum had been calling and complaining to me about.

After a while, I turned on the television and while watching and listening to some music while the thoughts were running through my mind. By 7:30 am, I went to the restroom, brushed my teeth and washed my face, went over to @nackasnelson’s place to collect some money I gave him to keep for me. He was about going for sports So I just collected and left. I went back to my place and after about 20 minutes, I left for mile 4.
While at home in mile 4, a friend of mine who stays at mile 5, texted me to advertise his shoe business. I didn’t have money to buy so he asked me to help him advertise

The shoes consist of air jordans . After chatting for a while, mum gave me some food (rice and beans) and I ate.
At 5 pm, I went and took my bath, came back dressed up and went to the room and began watching MORTAL KOMBAT on my phone.

By 9 pm I was off to sleep.
Thanks for reading

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The day was not bad, and for the problems bro always put it in prayers. God hears us when we pray

20.06.2021 05:52

Hello @blaisebass1, you had a controversial day. Started with worries, music to cool down, then heading out for errands. I guess it is true as people say "problem no di finish". But I know you as a strong person that I know, you will get pass this one even before you know it. I can never forget the food part of it😂. Rice and beans brother, heavy and nice. Overall, it was good sharing your day though it started on a low gear, but the end was kind of someone cool.

20.06.2021 15:07

Wehh my brother
Thank you so much

20.06.2021 15:48

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