The amazing period of life is childhood.

Amazing Childhood




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Amazing Childhood

Childhood is the best time of life. Because the insanity of life at this time is as clear as water and as pure as nature. At this time there is a lot of feeling of happiness in life. So life becomes more smooth and insane. I myself am a village boy. The most important time of life is spent walking on the soil of my village.

I have grown up little by little to talk to nature. I also have to compete in a modern invisible competition. I discover myself as a mechanical human in this jungle of concrete.

So, after overcoming the urban instability, I want to go back to the bosom of nature again and again. And so, to get closer to nature, I reach any unknown but known village in Bengal. I went to a village like this and met these boys.

The time was the rainy season. In this part of the village, rainwater has accumulated in the lake. And many boats are running in this lake. Many urban boys and girls are coming here and getting on the boat and rejoicing. I saw these boys trying to fish in this lake in the guise of playing. How easy this pure effort is!

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