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Our first day out in the situation of Covid-19 pandemic.

We have come through a very difficult time. The darkness is not completely gone yet. But the morning is coming. Public life is going to be normal. The incidence of the corona is expected to be high. But fortunately, it did not happen. We were able to control the situation very quickly.





About 10 months later, I went out to tour Kolkata city. After covid, this is the first time we went out with our family. I recently bought a new car. The car is Mahindra XUV500 w11 automatic. The car's color is pearl white. I went around the city. My nephew was with us. My nephew is a little over 2 years old. We have children with us so we planned to go to a park. I went straight from home to Nicco Park. It took us about 1 hour to get there. The entry fee to the park was 300 rupees per head. It is so much money as the price of the ticket.

After entering the park, I took some photos of my favorite nephew. He didn't want to take any photos at all. However, some were taken. Then we all got on the toy train. The train journey was very comfortable. I and all enjoy it very much.

Then I and all eat some ice cream together. Then I come out after spending some more time. Then I go to another park. The name of this park is Eco Park. This park is the second-largest park in Asia. I had a great time in this park. Then I came back home.

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