Pilates Retreat - Pilates to Release Tension - #5. LUMBAR & PELVIS

Another day of Covid & another day in isolation. But, since we are all stuck at home in these difficult times, my wife has been making a series of Pilates videos to help us all to stay happy and healthy.

Here is the fifth one that she is doing in a series of 10 simple Pilates videos. Please be aware, English is not her first language, so she was a bit nervous doing this, but I can already see she is improving and gaining confidence. This one is about the Lumbar & Pelvis, which continues on from the previous video about spine. I think we can all agree that these are important to our lives... If you are interested in Pilates or general wellness, then be sure to subscribe to her youtube channel for future updates.... thanks steemians.

Here you can find the 4th video - #4 SPINE

the 3rd video with you, which you can find here: #3 NECK & SHOULDERS

the second one with you which you can find here: #2. FEET & TOES

& the first one with you which you can find here: #1. BREATHING

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