Pilates Retreat - Pilates to Release Tension - #1. BREATHING

Since we are all stuck at home in these difficult times, my wife decided to begin making a series of videos to stay happy and healthy. Here is the first of them. Please be aware, English is not her first language, so she was a bit nervous doing this, but i think she nailed it. If you are interested in Pilates or general wellness, then be sure to subscribe to her youtube channel for future updates.... thanks seteemians

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Looks like you are at a very nice place, with all the trees, just outside your home!!

We have started today with our 1st day of 21 days lock-down here in South Africa!! Will need to reduce the stress, with some nice breathing!!

27.03.2020 19:15

yes, we are very lucky to be surrounded by such beautiful nature. Good luck with your lockdown, I hope you have everything you need.

28.03.2020 02:43