Zephyr Buyback October 2019

Buyback 13.png

A summary of this month's ZEPH buyback statistics

October 2019 marks the 13th buyback of ZEPH. As we explained previously the buybacks of ZEPH are based on the previous month's commissions made on Sparkdex and certain traditional remittance channels of which 25% is used for the purchase of ZEPH.

Buyback #13 (31 October 2019)

Account: zeph-bb

Amount: Market: BTS/ZEPH

Total ZEPH bought: 1290604 ZEPH

Transaction IDs:


About ZEPH buybacks

Buybacks take place at random times over a period of 30 days, up to the amount of commissions apportioned for buybacks. We will include future buyback information in monthly blog posts in the buyback section.

We are excited to make crypto accessible to everyone in the world via ZEPH. Thank you for your support!

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