Bismuth mobile Wallet support


Bismuth mobile iOS & Android Wallet released by Chainzilla

Bismuth partnered with Chainzilla to include Bismuth as part of the cryptocurrencies their wallet supports.

Chainzilla’s Chameleon wallet does support more than 20 different cryptocurrencies. By relying on the Chameleon wallet, the Bismuth team benefited from Chainzilla experience in mobile wallets and will also gain visibility among all its current users. Likewise, Chainzilla will also benefit from the Bismuth user base.

That mobile wallet was made possible thanks to the newly announced ecdsa addresses Bismuth does now support.

The Chameleon wallet exclusively uses these addresses, generated from a seed phrase. Still, you can send and receive $BIS from and to legacy address in a completely transparent way.

Chameleon Wallet is available for iOS and Android: #PoW #crypto #dapps #blockchain

iOS: (link:
Android: (link:

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