BTC .. could pump soon.


Looking at the dump which has happened over the past few days, it seems really really textbook like where its going to most likely be a pumping weekend ! Based on the 2h charts, we can see that the moneyflow and vwap and rsi is all indicating that BTC is gonna move upwards and most likely back to the resistence level of 60k. "Hopefully" it would break that.

These are just my opinions and not any damn financial advise. However, I'm gonna still stay a bit conservative and slowly buy the dip and sell it at a higher range using the Kucoin Grid Bot which you can set your range.

Alternatively you can use the Futures Grid bot however the risks are way much higher.

Anyway ... whatever you decide to do .. don't trade what you can't afford to loose. Cheers all and have a great day ahead !

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