Beaxy exchange .. you need a fix


So I've tried out this exchange called BEAXY Exchange which is a centralized exchange. I managed to deposit in the funds however it took me awhile and I had to contact support as HIVE was not showing up after withdrawing from my HIVE acct.

Once it was in there .. there was practically ZERO orders so I can't really do much .. not even able to convert to BTC or anything since there is zero trading going on there.

Now when I want to try to withdraw !!! The minimum withdrawal is 150 HIVE which is close to $300 at this point of time. And guess what .. no matter what I key into the address .. I'm unable to do withdrawal.

I guess it would be another round with the support and its lucky I did not put in so much HIVE in there as I was just testing it out.

My verdict .. until they fix their shit .. stay away ! Cheers all and have a great day ahead.

@beaxywallet .. please fix !

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