BitFxt Unveils Africa's First Cryptocurrency ATM Card- The BPay Card at SIN3 Conference


Steemit in Nigeria 3 Conference with the Theme Gearing Nigeria for the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Space , the currently on-going conference happening in the City of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, experienced a unique turn of events as the Special advise to the Governor of Akwa-Ibom States graced the event to witness the historical unveiling of the First Africa's Cryptocurrency ATM Card and Payment Infrastructure, The BPay Card and Bitfxt Vault Payment Platform.


The Unveiling was pioneered by our Amiable CEO, Mr Peter Franklin, who illustrated the very numerous advantage of the BPay Card infrastructure and how it will set the stage for massive adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency across Africa starting with Nigeria, The Giant Of Afrfrica .

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The BPay Payment Card allows individuals from all over the world to utilize cryptocurrencies to carry out all kinds of digital transactions and utilize digital assets anywhere they are in the world. The unveiling was heralded by several blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over Nigeria including CoinCola Ambassador Samstickkz and CryptoHub CEO Chris Ani.


BPay Premium Card :

You can Be part of the BPay Early Adopters, Join Us at or order from Bitfxt Vault

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