BitFxt is Set to Revolutionize the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem with Innovative New Product


Over the past 2 years, Bitfxt Technologies have been at the fore front of Blockchain Adoption in Africa, especially Nigeria. We have witnessed the first hand experience of pioneers in any ecosystem, the challenges, the pains, the rejection and all, but we have persevered, and today we have conqueruered.

Bitfxt iet to change the face of Blockchain all over Africa, and we have launched out different innovation products and services to drive home our vision. The latest addition to our unique and proprietary product lines being the Bpay Premium Card( Boundless Pay) Pay).

The Boun Pay Premium Card is an innovative product that opens us up to a wide range of possibilities, with the innovative features and functionalities, we will be able to reach out to the local settlements and implement Blockchain technologies into their lives, introducing a world of possibilities to all and sundry.sundry.

maginetire worl ire world at yourps just because of a simple payment card! It’s more than just a Payment Card, it’s a world of possibilities at your finger tip. Get Your Boundless Pay Card Today.d Today.

BPay Premium Card :

Our Bpay Premium Card Request form is now available on Vault 3.0, you can now order for your prepaid BitFxt Debit Cards, which can be used for all types of transactions across several platforms. Login to your vault to request for it.

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