Bitfxt Exchange Lists STEEM



We wish to announce to our entire Community and traders that we are officially listing STEEM on Bitfxt Exchange.

STEEM is the cryptocurrency of the Proprietary Steem blockchain, powering thousands of Crypto social media website including Steemit, Busy, and a host of others. STEEM is the reward token of the Steemit Social Media Platform and other related Websites and Dapps such as [esteem](@(@esteemapp) and [Actifit]actifit).

STEEM is an open-sourced blockchain project developed by Dan Larimer and Ned Scott, innovating and improving its interface, scalability and usability through SMTs and hardforks, the most recent of which is HarfFork21.

For More Information about STEEM, visit the official Steem Website

STEEM will be traded againsnst BTC pair on Bitt Exchange. Login to or sign up to get access to our exchange where you can trade BXTC.

To Read More about this project, Visit EOS Official Website

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Our Bpay Premium Card Request form is now available on Vault 3.0, and on BoundlessPay Website you can now order for your prepaid Cards, which can be used for all types of transactions across several platforms. Login to your vault to request for it.

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