Bitfxt Exchange Adds EOS To Atomic Swap


Following the Official Listing of EOS on Bitfxt Exchange., We have decided to add EOS to the Atomic Swap feature of Bitfxt Exchange. This would enable EOS Traders gain access to quick and efficient trading and conversion of EOS . Two Trading Pairs are available at the moment, BTC and NGN.

EOS blockchain favors scalability and user-freindly ecosystem, including seamless transactions, so also Bitfxt Exchange, hence adding EOS to our Atomic exchange would help foster blockchain adoption and over-all interoperability of both blockchains.

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EOS will be traded against USDT and BTC pairs on Bitfxt Exchange. Login to or sign up to get access to our exchange where you can trade BXTC.

To Read More about this project, Visit EOS Official Website

BoundlessPay Card :

Our Bpay Premium Card Request form is now available on Vault 3.0, and on BoundlessPay Website you can now order for your prepaid Cards, which can be used for all types of transactions across several platforms. Login to your vault to request for it.

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