Fake Banksy art piece discovered in Claremont, Cape Town

... Comment below if you know Banksy and if you think this art piece belongs to him. I will upvote your comment if you UPVOTE THIS POST.


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08.01.2020 09:37

Maybe it is a real Banksy! 🤔 Banksy turns up in all sorts of places... though the style looks different.

08.01.2020 10:09

Seems to be marketing strategy by Bad Panda Records. The panda seems to be their logo. Very sneaky 😄

08.01.2020 10:35

Looks like a Banksy. But who knows. I think his pieces are really cool👍🏻

08.01.2020 10:34

Its from Bad Panda Recording. They using his name to get more eyes on their brand.

08.01.2020 10:36

Panda 😍 Bepo 😎

08.01.2020 10:52


08.01.2020 11:17