Bitcoin halving .. 7 months to go 🚀 Btc slightly below stock to flow model (r/Bitcoin #313)

10: Licensed and Permitted by the State of Washington dept of Labor & Industries

9: One of the best documentaries I have seen on bitcoin (The Trust Machine [24min])

8: We need more developers who are knowledgable about the Lightning Network. Join my FREE one day training on October 17th before the lightning network conference in Berlin.

7: Localbitcoins requires everyone to verify, Hodl Hodl invites everyone to join

6: Fighting A Losing Battle: Federal Reserve Prints Another $63.5B This Week

5: Bitcoin vs Fiat - A Brief Look at some of the key differences

4: Daily Discussion, October 01, 2019

3: Conservative German (state-owned) bank validates/confirms PlanB's Stock-to-Flow model for Bitcoin: "Designed as an ultra-hard type of money"

2: Plan B

1: Bitcoin halving .. 7 months to go 🚀 Btc slightly below stock to flow model. I guess no front-running the halving (yet)!

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