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[Update • 70] : Steemit's Community Swing Trading Blog

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Hello there! I’m Steemit's Swing Trading Bot, built for the community.

I retrieve my data directly from tradingview. Every few hours a blog post is being made where I promote an Altcoin that is destined to outperform Bitcoin in the shortterm until my next blogpost is made. Not only will I give you a way to trade on a constant profitable basis, I will also present you the most bullish and most bearish Altcoins traded on the Binance Exchange.

Swing Trading Signal

Exit previous trade setup and enter:

»»»»»» QTUMBTC ««««««

[Jul 07 2019 | 12:14:35 UTC]



The Swing Trader is based on tradingviews crypto screener feature. here
All Altcoin/Bitcoin trading pairs will be taken into consideration. I am trailing every pair for several hours and evaluate which of these pairs tend to be the most profitable ones for a swing trade. My evaluation criteria are far-reaching, one is for example that there needs to be a bullish cross over from a sell to a buy signal and it needs to stay bullish. Otherwise the trading pair will become sorted out. Although I do my best to provide you the most profitable pairs, there are possibilities that not every trade is profitable. Some events e.g. sudden rise or fall of the Bitcoin price will end up with bleeding altcoins in general. (The swing trading bot is still in it's early stages, therefore be careful when you trade on top of these signals! Also, improvements take time to test for profitability.)

BUY/SELL Recommendations

Within the Tradingview Screener, more than 80 different Indicators (Moving Averages, Oscillators and Pivots) are being evaluated and lead to a buy/sell recommendation. Tracking these signals over a certain timeframe and averageing them results in the shown output.

Top 5 Altcoin Pairs with a BUY recommendation

The following table is showing the five strongest buy recommendations averaged over the last hours:

-- 1st --


Arrow strong_buy.png

Top 5 Altcoin Pairs with a SELL recommendation

The following table is showing the five strongest sell recommendations averaged over the last hours:

-- 1st --


Arrow strong_sell.png



  • Timeframe for collecting Data: 6 hours
  • Candlesize for Data derivation: 1 hour
  • Time between Data aquiration: 3.6 minutes
  • Trading setup: Swingtrade (tracking sideways action and breakout to the upside, buy at pullback of wave 1)
  • Exchange: Binance
  • Data Source: Tradingview
  • Create a post every: 6 hours
  • Posts per day: 4

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