Promo Steem: Power Up as a Habit!


Hello Steemians! Hello Philippines!

I am here again sharing my journey to powering up. Well for those who doesn't know much about me I started here at the platform very recently as @bisayakalog. Overwhelmed by the appreciation and support by the curators here I have received a lot of support not only in my content but also to the charity events I have been to. Now I want to share and encourage new comers and those who are already in the platform for a while now.


As I have discussed in my previous blog the process of powering up and the reason for powering up I wanna sum it up again in this post.

Why Power up and how to power up?

We users help in promoting steemit to attract new users and investors. Users are rewarded by the content we make. While the investors makes steem and steem dollars value higher. But with users not investing back to the platform it can slowly decrease the value of steem. So we users must power up and buy steem for us to help the platform. During my first few post I made sure to make my rewards to 100%. In this way I easily gained higher steem power and reputation. This is for new comers who wishes to power up but still don't have sbd to buy steem. Here's what to do.

Click Advanced settings


You can see author rewards is in 50%


Choose power up 100%


By changing it to 100% all your reward from that post will automatically go to your steem power and trx. Ones you are able to increase your steem power your reputation increases and it will be easier for you to be noticed in the platform. And of course you have to be consistent with your post, it must be a quality post too.


For now I know I haven't powered up as big as the others but I am making it a habit. Although it's very tempting to cash out and use the reward you have received from the platform but let us also consider that without investments no good business will succeed. The same with steemit, it will fall and lose its value. So with the sbd that you have in your wallet use some of it to power up.

Follow the simple steps in powering up

Click Steem dollars and choose market


Choose buy steem and input the amount


Type your master key to confirm the transaction


Order placed and you now have steem


Click steem and choose power up


Type the amount and confirm


Transaction complete you now have powered up

Congratulations you have increased your reputation and helped steemit. Investing for something could sometimes be hard but if we keep on thinking of what we get in return we will not grow. Let's think that investing by powering up or delegating is a help for the platform to be stronger and better. It will not benefit one but for all.



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Woowww. Let's keep on powering up @bisayakalog!

23.05.2021 07:31

Yes true @jenesa..

23.05.2021 08:49

You need to keep up the great work. It is highly commendable.

23.05.2021 11:07

Thank you so much @mcsamm i will continue to power up and hopefully i can inspire others to do the same..

23.05.2021 11:26

Keep it up :)

24.05.2021 11:52

Thank you..

24.05.2021 14:35

This was absolutely helpful. You have no idea. Please also share how to cash out. Thank you

25.05.2021 18:40

Wow kita na jud ko kagwafa oi. Ms. I love your post and congratulations!!! You have reached the peak. Kanice, please paapila ko, its my first tudlo-i ko unsaon.

26.05.2021 00:54

Best practice is to chose 50- 50 and change the SBD into Steem. Then you can power the Steem up ;-)

02.06.2021 05:58

Thank you @lightblick for the advice I will do it nextime

02.06.2021 06:24

You are very welcome :-)

02.06.2021 10:55