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Travel with the Birds | Amazing High Falls State Park and the Allman Brothers


Georgia! It’s not just Peaches and Pecans!

We had so much fun on the road visiting state parks this summer. I just realized I hadn’t shared any of our adventures with you! We passed through the great state of Georgia a couple of time and for those of you who have driven through Georgia you know what I mean about Peaches and Pecans. The billboards are everywhere, announcing fresh Pecans and Peaches. I thought about my friend @plantstoplanks, I know she loves Peaches just as much as I do and living in Georgia gives her a front seat to some of the best!

We didn’t get to buy any peaches along the way but we did spend some time visiting one of Georgia’s amazing state Parks.

High Falls State Park

The minute you arrive, you’re surrounded by the roar of a waterfall!

DSC_0035 (2).jpg

High Falls State Park is a 1,050 acre park located just off Interstate 75 near the city of Jackson Georgia. During the 19th century, this park was the location of the city of High Falls; a thriving industrial center. Grist Mills, Cotton Gins, a Blacksmith and a Shoe factory were just a few of the local businesses. Unfortunately the town and its industries failed when a major railroad bypassed the city leaving product transportation impossible for merchants.

We arrived just before sunset

Since we had been on the road all day we quickly parked the van and jumped out, anxious to take a quick hike.

DSC_0013 (1) (2).jpg

The Park sits on High Falls Lake…

a 650 acre lake fed by the Towaliga River. See, just a glimpse of the setting sun through the trees.

DSC_0003 (2).jpg

Yurts were available!

Great for families. In fact we saw several large groups all congregating for a long weekend.

DSC_0015 (1) (2).jpg

Oh, by the way…

Are you an Allman Brothers fan? I know I’m definitely dating myself with this one! The Allman Brothers spent quite a bit of time in Georgia and some say they wrote their song High Falls based this park! Check it out! What do you think? Fond memories?

After a much needed night of sleep we were ready to the falls! The sun was shining and skies were clear, truly a perfect day to explore! We spied a cute course for a quick game of miniature golf, too early for eager participants! Look at that spiral!

DSC_0059 (2).jpg

During the 1800’s...

the Towaliga River was impounded by two large dams to supply water energy to several local water-wheeled businesses. The Grist Mill, Cotton Mill and Saw Mill all utilized energy generated from these large dams. The remains from the Old Grist Mill and powerhouse are still onsite.


photo thanks to Wiki

The hike was amazing, the waterfall majestic!

With a 135 feet drop, it’s the largest waterfall in middle Georgia.

DSC_0030 (2s).jpg

Look at those stones, rubbed smooth from the constant flow from the falls.

DSC_0046 (s2).jpg

The hike took us through beautiful trees, something we were thankful for as it was early but already hot and humid! Needless to say we didn't mind an occassional spray from the falls!

DSC_0055 (2).jpg

The trail turned the corner and look what we found

a beautiful, calm (and quiet) pool. It was a nice spot to rest for a moment. Time to head back and hit the road!

DSC_0054 (2).jpg

It was a lovely hike! A perfect hike for my friends @tattoodjay’s Wednesday Walk! I know he would love this hike! I would definitely recommend visiting this park! It’s clean, and quiet and spending just a little time with nature will brighten your day! Remember, they have yurts for rent! Do you have a favorite State or National Park? We’re always open to suggestions! Thanks for stopping by…

And as always, blessings to you all!




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