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Did you know today is National Cheesecake Day!

Who would have thought Cheesecake deserved its own day of celebration! Of course cheesecake is so incredibly tasty but as I spent a bit of time researching I was surprised to find out this dessert has been around for quite some time.

The earliest form…

of cheesecake can be traced back to ancient Greece! Greek physician Aegimus actually wrote a book (5th century BC) about making this delicious dessert! This special cake named Placenta, was actually used for religious purposes.

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photo thanks to pixabay

The English say no!

Fast forward to 1390 we find an English cookbook Forme of Cury arguing that cheesecake is an English invention. The original English cheesecake was made using yeast giving it more of a yeasty taste. It wasn’t until the 18th century eggs were swapped for the yeast resulting in the sweet dessert we all know and love.

forme of cury.jpg

Cream cheese came along…

around 1872 and as we all know, adding cream cheese to cheesecake recipes gave us the creamy, dreamy texture we all love! Remember this cranberry cheesecake I shared with you?

cranberry cheesecake.jpg

Cheesecake was sounding pretty good to me after all of this research, but it was breakfast time. How about Crepes? With cheesecake and strawberries? Time to check out the pantry!

How do Protein Crepes sound?

Remember the Cacao protein powder recipe I shared a few weeks ago? Luckily I still have a bit left.

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Cacao Protein Crepes

Yes, just three ingredients!

  • Cacao Protein Powder (1 scoop)
  • Almond Milk (1/3 cup)
  • Fresh Eggs (qty 2)

Quick Tip

No milk? That’s okay! Raw almonds soaked overnight, rinsed and drained can be blended with filtered water! (generally ¼ cup nuts + 1 cup water) Feel free to strain with cheesecloth or nut bag to remove the nut fiber. I just left it in, more fiber!

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Everything Into the blender…

and blend until creamy and smooth. You may have to add additional milk if the batter is too thick!

DSC_0015 (2r).jpg

Just ¼ cup…

per crepe will do! Swirl the batter around evenly and cook 5 minutes then carefully, flipping and cooking for 4 minutes. I felt pretty good about it by the 4th crepe, lol

DSC_0019 (2d).jpg

With a few minutes on my hands...

I had time to slip outside and snip a beautiful rose from the garden. So fragrant!

DSC_0017 (2h).jpg

Strawberries and chocolate…

always sound good together, don’t they?

DSC_0013 (2l).jpg

Now the creamy cheesecake!

  • Cashews (1/2 cup) soaked overnight and drained
  • Coconut Milk (2 tbsp.)
  • Fresh Lemon Juice (1 tbsp.)
  • Maple Syrup (3 tbsp.)
  • Coconut Oil (1 tbsp.)

    Smooth is the word…

    blend everything and taste, add more lemon juice or maple syrup if you wish!

Breakfast! Cacao Crepes with Sliced Strawberries and Cream Cheese! Voila

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I didnt know today was national Cheesecake day maybe because I seldom eat Cheesecake

I like your take on it I would try them for sure and probably also ask for more

Thanks for being an active member of SteemUSA !tip

30.07.2019 23:20

Well, I guess thats why we have special day @tattoodjay, we remember to enjoy it 1 day out of the year hehe. Glad you enjoyed the crepes, it was nice to eat something decadant and not feel guilty! :)

04.08.2019 00:19

you need to take a break from being very good with eating sometimes and you did not really go that decadent :)

04.08.2019 00:29
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30.07.2019 23:20

Wow, I love how you presented it. Thank you for sharing this with us and have a great day!

30.07.2019 23:30

Thank you @sgbonus! So glad you enjoyed them, they were tasty too! Perhaps you'll try your hand at making crepes some time :)

04.08.2019 00:20

I did know it was cheesecake day but unfortunately i got none. Lol this looks great. Thanks for the history. I had no idea.

31.07.2019 01:52

Yes, it was on the news, thats how I found out, lol Gotta promote the good old cheesecake! This would be a nice "healthier" alternative, so glad you enjoyed it @bethvalverde :)

04.08.2019 00:22

I missed it!! I have to eat some tomorrow in celebration of National Cheesecake day LOL

31.07.2019 05:17

Soooooo did you have some? I hope you did :) What is your favorite flavor? With blueberries? Strawberries perhaps! Glad you stopped by @mariannewest!

04.08.2019 00:23

Oh crepes!

Those were always my dad's specialty! If he was cooking Sunday evening supper, this was what was on the menu!

Fond memories!

31.07.2019 10:12

Your dad made crepes? I love it @goldendawne. So did he make dinner crepes with amazing stuffing? Those were the first crepes I made years ago. We gave my mother-in-law a crepe maker for Christmas one year and everytime I visited I made crepes for dinner. I loved them....great dinner thought for this next week, lol

04.08.2019 00:25

Yep, that does look incredibly tasty! I think I'm going to need to try those!

31.07.2019 12:15

I hope you will! Let me know how it goes. You know, the filling options are unlimited! :) Thanks @wwwiebe!

04.08.2019 00:26

I love cheesecake and I had no idea they have their own day!!! I also had no idea that it wasn't English. Darn it! I thought I had this one all figured out!

I appreciate the time spent looking up all this great information!

As for using the almonds instead of milk? Oh, that is something that I have never done, but, it looks amazing and the taste has got to be yummy. Where do you come up with these things? Thank you for starting my morning out this way!! And did you ask if I wanted any?

Yes, please!!! You already knew!

As always, have a great day!!


31.07.2019 12:41

You are amazing Denise, how do you do it! lol I look forward to hearing from you, a giggle is always included :) Thank you! I love learning about this stuff and as for the almond milk, I learned this years ago, I never buy milk anymore! And, if you strain your milk, the pulp you have left over can be dried to make almond meal/flour! Crazy isn't it? The milk made this way is soooooo much better and healthier than what you buy at the market! I wish the good old postal service was a bit speedier, I would send some your way! I hope you're having a super weekend!

04.08.2019 00:31

Awwww!! You are the sweetest!!!

04.08.2019 03:12
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31.07.2019 12:42

It looks just delicious, you don't have anything left for me? Thanks for the historical data!

31.07.2019 15:05

hehehe, I'm so sorry...there weren't any left over for me, lol Beside you are such a fantastic kitchen genius you could whip these up in no time! You'll have to try them and let me know what you think! Thank you my friend, you're so kind :)

04.08.2019 00:32

Such gorgeous photos! They look so delicious!

31.07.2019 16:54

Aww, thank you. It's not me, it's the camera, lol Although when you take about 50, you are certain to get one or two good photos..... I'm glad you enjoyed them1 :)

04.08.2019 00:34

This is the first time I heard about cacao protein. And, I have been in sports for a long time now. Maybe they don't have as many options here in Europe. But, you really need to stop with these delicious desserts. lol jk of course.

You really are a master chef when it comes to desserts. It looks amazing, but I bet it tastes even better. :)

31.07.2019 17:53

Oaky, so while you were away for so long (lol) ......I shared a post on how to make your own protein powder! Yep! And I added cacao to the powder to the protein powder. Now mind you I'm sure it's not like the body building protein powder you're used to, but it's great and much less expensive then the commercial brands we buy. Thank you for your kind words @awakentolife, truly appreciated :) Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

04.08.2019 00:36

O wow. I will have to find that post of yours and check it out. I am pretty sure it is much healthier than most protein products you find the shelfs today. And, cheaper, makes it very attractive. For me, I usually use only Hemp protein. Because it amazing source of protein our body digest easily plus it is packed with all 9 amino acids we need. 😃

I will have to stalk your profile a bit more from now on. 🤣🤣

04.08.2019 10:46

I know!!! Isn't she the best!!! She wrote lots of good stuff while you were playing hookey! :) Jk of course!

04.08.2019 03:13

Hehe she indeed did. She should maybe make her own recipe book in the future. She really has some "good stuff" in her posts. 😃

04.08.2019 10:48

Haha!!! Yes!!! Don't you know it! :) I am totally amazed at the blockchain and its yummy goodness!

04.08.2019 13:30

Cheesecake is awesome!
These crepes look fantastic! I never thought to use cocao in crepe batter, but that opens up a whole new world of flavor! Thanks! ♥

31.07.2019 20:14

Well I have the cacao in the protein powder I made, that combined with the crepe batter..yum! Although to tell you the truth, I could have added more cacao to the batter. That's why I sprinkled cacao nibs on top,lol Thanks @squishysquid!

04.08.2019 00:38

Mrs Bird you are an amazing woman, this looks absolutely yum & no flour again! National Cheesecake Day sounds like a great idea;)

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03.08.2019 04:12

No I'm not amazing...just having fun. You know I don't share all of my failures, lol I am amazed with the number of things I can make without flour, it's truly amazing! You are wonderful @lizelle, thank you and have a wonderful weekend.

04.08.2019 00:40


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