Responding to Goals Set Last Year

This time last year I set goals to achieve by the end of this year. Since it has reached that time again, I am going to review my goals and see if I have achieved them.

Lose 8 kg

When I set this goal I weight 89.6 kg. Over the course of the year my weight has gone up and down (mostly down) but as of the time of writing I am currently sitting at 90 kg so this did not happen and I ultimately gained 0.4 kg. I had got as low as 85.5 kg during the year which still wouldn't be 8kg weight loss but was a loss of 4.1 kg compared to this time last year) but that has gone back up to 90 kg. I've had a challenging year though so I'm okay with this and maybe I'll lose some next year. Managing my health, including my weight is important but it is not a race.

Reach the point my business (Birchmark) is making $300 + per week

I did not achieve this. The job I had at the end of last year kept dragging on in terms of when we would return this year as it was a tiny business and was going through changes, and I ended up spending most of my time during that period looking for another job. I am not as effective at this as what would be ideal in terms of how long it takes, and I was applying for quite a few jobs so this took away from some of my time to work on my business.

Later I did get a job but I burned out during the time I was there as you may have seen if you read my post, "The Mask Fell Off" and I'm currently not in that position anymore. Between jobsearching earlier and working in my most recent job later, my business did not really grow this year.

I'm now working on my business full time. If you have read my previous posts, you may be aware that I am working on a card game currently. This has been my main focus with the occasional bit of other content created while working on this major project. The game is going well currently. It has proven to be a bigger project than I initially anticipated though. I have some exciting ideas for it in the future too.

Pass all the courses in my TAFE diploma that I do this year

I didn't end up studying at all this year as I admittedly that I had had enough of doing it for a while, so I didn't achieve this (though technically I didn't fail any courses either). Moving on....

Save up for a House


Image by janjf93 from Pixabay

I did not achieve this. I've discovered it is easier to get a house than I thought due to easier loan providers to use and government programs (ie government covering some of deposit for people of certain incomes etc), but we did not manage to save up for a house given our financial situation in general. And that's okay. It will happen soon enough. Our health, including mental health, is more important than getting a house. That's something I had to actually come to terms with when struggling while working.

Make an episode of Pug Bee
Pug Bee is my adult cartoon series that combines animation and gaming. I did some work towards it, including writing a script, which is good but may need some adjustments, but this got put to the side for the same reason my business as a whole did during a decent portion of this year. This series is still to come though and I look forward to making it. I also have plans that will tie all my content together a bit more now.

These were all the goals I had set. My goals this year were far from the greatest success, but I've learned things this year and some good things have come out of this year in other ways, so while it could have been better, I am okay with this.
The only thing now is to set goals to try to achieve by this time next year.

Setting Goals to Achieve by this time next Year


Image by Oberholster Venita from Pixabay

My goals I am setting for this time next year are:

Get an assessment for Autism

Lose 4 kg

Reach the point my business (Birchmark) is making $300+ per week

Revise and improve my management / treatment of my health and my ADHD

Make an episode of Pug Bee

Make the Base Game of Unicorn Robot Party

Some of these goals are already underway to a degree. I have been revising and improving how I manage my ADHD and my health issues and this has helped and this will continue in the new year. I'm a bit stuck on accessing an Autism assessment at this time but I am working on sorting that out. The first episode of Pug Bee is partway done currently so it's already partially done, but has just been neglected for a while. I'm currently working on the Base game of Unicorn Robot Party and that's been my main creative focus since stopping work, so that one is definitely underway, but simply just not done yet.


Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it.

I've had a less success year goal-wise this year, but given everything that has happened this year, I'm okay with that, and I feel confident going forward.

If you have goals you would like to share, feel free to comment them below. Or if you use strategies other than goals (I certainly do - I just also set goals), I'd be happy to hear about them too (or anything else you want to comment of course).

Also if you are the parent of a child or are a teenager over 13, I would really appreciate it if you could help me with my survey for Unicorn Robot Party (linked in the links section). If you complete it and provide an email (you don't have to provide an email if you don't want to though - but it's the only way to get the freebie), when the base game is complete you will get a free copy of the printable version of the Base Game of Unicorn Robot Party. This would be of great help to me and I haven't got enough responses to the survey yet.


Teenagers over 13 or Parents of Children, get a free copy of the printable version of the base game for Unicorn Robot Party by completing this survey:

Vote for my next ORTI character here:

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Last Years Post:

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Thank you for reading!

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Hi birchmark,

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18.12.2019 15:38

Thank you

19.12.2019 00:34


Wow, I think it's great your incredible way to achieve your goals inspires me to publish my achievements hahaha

Greetings from Venezuela

18.12.2019 16:43

Thank you. While I didn't really achieve them this year, I think it is useful to have goals with some kind of deadline to at least check in on them (like something like this) just to have some direction. It does add to accountability to then have to respond to them too. Doesn't mean they get done necessarily because life circumstances can get in the way of any embarrassment that may come from saying "I didn't achieve any of this" and other things may become more important but it does still help to have some accountability I feel. It helps stop that goal from being one that just never happens. I think having other ways to check progress off and recognising the little chunks achieved still probably helps more though.

One thing that sounds cool but I haven't checked out yet is a game / program / experience / app / whatever you would call it I downloaded for our Oculus Rift. In that one you go in and say your new years resolutions and you can hear other people's resolutions being said around you and a year from when you say it, it will send you an email with what you said were your resolutions. I think it was a secondary program made by the same people as one of the meditation programs. Seems like an interesting concept.

19.12.2019 00:45

dear @birchmark this is great !! it is very nice that you have faced the same this topic admitting your limitations and the reasons why you could not make it. I think that being aware of yourself and what you are able to do is one of the most important goals in life !! and in any case it is absolutely right to have understood that all you have done is half the work for the goals of next year.
usually I don't do lists of goals, I live for the day, but someone I have: 1. study English very well; 2. improve my photographic skills; 3. start driving the car again.
all the best for ;-))

18.12.2019 20:49

Thank you. In terms of your goals, I imagine writing a blog on here would help with learning English.

" I think that being aware of yourself and what you are able to do is one of the most important goals in life"

This is one of the struggles of ADHD life. Many ADHD people tend to want to do "all the things" but we have executive functioning issues which make it harder to do as much as the average person, let alone as much as we set as giant enthusiastic goals. It's easier if it is something we are passionate about, and that's great, but it can also lead to hyperfocus / perseveration (focusing on something A LOT but to the detriment of remembering to do other things) which is a double edged sword as it can achieve a lot, but it can also be directed at less productive things like Reddit or even if directed well, can be productive but mean you now have a headache because you forgot to drink any water.... It is said to be a superpower of ADHD but it kind of depends on the situation. It can be a superpower or it can be a pain in the butt or it can be somewhat of a combo of the two if you achieve a lot but neglect something else important.

Thank you for your support and for supporting the idea that not achieving the goals isn't the end of the world but is simply that I have done half the work of next years goals. I think that's the best mindset to be in at this point.

Good luck with your upcoming year and for your goals.

19.12.2019 01:15

I understand what you say, at least in part, because I suffered for a long time from chronic headache (now much better) and I seemed to go crazy, and often staying focused was pure utopia ;-)) and about the failures, you know what Edison said while doing his experiments to try to make a light bulb work? "I didn't fail. I only tried 10,000 methods that didn't work." !! have a good day

21.12.2019 10:31