Meeting Elijah Wood at Comiccon Montreal 2019

Let me tell you all about my experience meeting Elijah Wood at Comiccon Montreal 2019, which was a Photo Ops, and then hearing him speak at the main stage. I was so hyped, he is my favourite actor, has been since I was 10, and he was really nice, reciprocated my enthusiasm. I’m so happy I went and got to be in his presence, even if it was brief. I also share some short clips I took from his speech on stage where he talks about fans, Lord of the Rings, and Poutine.

I occasionally do cosplay on this channel, but it’s mostly Dragon Age content. Feel free to subscribe on YouTube.

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Comments 5

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

12.07.2019 16:52

That's really one of the greatest thing I've ever seen on steem. I love hollywood stars and I've seen so many movies of Elijah Wood, I think maybe all of them. He is one of my favorite actors as well, he is so nice looking. I'm proud that I know someone who met him in person. I feel like I met him as well. ☺

15.07.2019 18:30

I was so intense lol and I TOUCHED him lol Frank was laughing at my enthusiasm. He was happy that I got to have that opportunity.

15.07.2019 23:20

Lucky you. ☺ I wish also to meed Emma Stone or Cameron Diaz or Milla Jovovich. lol Maybe Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron as well. ☺

But my favorite actors still Tom Hanks and I love the funny Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler and the motivated Will Smith.

I wish I will meet at least one of them in my life. ☺

16.07.2019 00:40

When I was younger I would imitate Jim Carrey in the Mask and Ace Ventura. He typically plays himself, but that's what we like. I also liked his more serious films too. Charlize Theron is such a good actress and she beautiful too. Have you seen Monster? Her performance and body tranfiguration for that role was amazing.

16.07.2019 05:21