Something wicked this way comes. I can feel the madness in the world. I would not say that I am all negative about the future but I am wary. I feel the shift in perceptions like tectonic plates suddenly moving too quickly. The chasm between the wealthy and the marginalized is ever widening. The divide between powerful and less fortunate is wider than ever. And no one seems to know how to solve that particular equation. People get so caught up in isms and religion and politics so much that they forget their humanity.
We are at the crossroads now. Hard choices will have to be made for the kind of world we really want. Honest self examination is definitely a start in the direction. Forget all that social media clout lust. It’s just a collective soul sucking hallucination. Be wary of the angry hated filled leaders and nutjobs among us. They only want to sow chaos and destruction but they disguise it as patriotism and nationalism. You don’t need the crowd or a deranged politician to tell you who you are. The old adage know thyself rings ever true today.


Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay

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