Pandemic Driving RV Sales Like Never Before - According to New Data

RV lots are mostly bare across the country now and have been for several months. This is due in part because of the pandemic as dealers are reporting that millennials are a huge part of the interest in RV’s during this bleak period. This causes a demand that manufacturers are having a difficult time in keeping up with.

Class B Camper Van

Rental data on RV’s is also at an all-time high and again, millennials are driving those numbers up. According to RV rental platform Outdoorsy, bookings by millennials is up some 70% from 2019 to 2020. The favorite RV of millennials is the Class B camper van which has seen an exceptional increase in sales.

Data also shows that the millennial demographic continues to be a big hit with the RV Industry during the pandemic as more and more are not only renting but purchasing as well. It seems this demographic wants to get out closer to nature and meet up with friends.

Camper Van Meet Up

As travel options have become limited, more and more folks are taking to the roads in RV’s of all types. A big part of this is due to companies letting employees work from home. Since people want out, they see the RV as an escape from being cooped up at home. With the Internet being so accessible across the country, more people can continue to work and are doing so remotely from an RV. Even professionals such as traveling nurses, doctors, teachers, etc., are becoming more and more prevalent on the road.

According to the RV Industry Association survey published in June, 20% of US respondents reported becoming more interested in RVing as a result of the pandemic as opposed to flights and cruises.

Enjoying life in a camper van

Van life has been very popular for the past few years and once the pandemic hit, van life spiked. This is evident by the prices of cargo vans that have been on the rise for several months. The cargo van was once primarily purchased by the construction trade, plumbers, electricians, etc. Now, van lifers are becoming a huge purchaser which is driving up prices. Van lifers have also spawned a whole new industry with van conversion companies springing up and most are running months behind with new orders for van conversions.

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