What Do You Use Your Time For? To God And Work?

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Many Christian are lost today because they don't know the reason they live. When we take an insight in the book of Daniel 6:1-13, there came a time that there was a change of government, Daniel was placed at one of the highly respected and reputable place in the administration of Medo-Persian Kingdom. When we read the v3. We can see how Daniel conducted himself in the midst of working with those who does not know God.

Brothers if we are diligent and responsible in our work, it can also influence our non-Christian colleague and bosses. But what do we see today are we diligent in our work or is for our personal gain..?. But in this act of diligent, someone may feel threatened and will react negatively and in addition will try going miles to frustrate you.

Daniel had many of such oppositions but found no grounds for the compliant leveled against him. And eventually all the plotting satraps realize that the only way they can trap Daniel is through his religion. This will be a very challenging for Daniel.

Previously Daniel made no hidden secret about his worship with God despite a decree from the King. Daniel bravely continued to worship God openly. What do you also learn Parishioner from the challenge Daniel faced. Even the threats to Daniel's life did not let him change his praying habit.

How often as Parishioner do you read your Bible, pray, witness and fellowship..?

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The life of Daniel gives strength to Christians in times of great challenge. The challenges may come but we need not to tuen our back on him for it is Him alone who can save us from the unsaved.

22.11.2019 06:10

We need to be spiritually mature enough and act in such a way that our coworkers wouldn't be surprised if they found out we were Christians.

22.11.2019 17:13