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Many Christians suffer today without knowing the root and forgetting that "abiding" is the key to "abounding". Hope is very influential in Christian life, it arouse the mind to explore ways of life. It is by this same faith that things we daunting obstacles. Hope is very essential part of life that God wants us to live. Hope helps a person to accelerate in life.

In Christian life, there is a wide difference between those who persevere and those who give up. It is hope that enables one to say i do without knowing the future or the past. When we read the book of Job 11:18NLT, Job as a man endures many struggles he organise his faith went through all the pain with the hope that it shall be well and it was well with him.

Psalm 71:5 NIV
"For you have been my hope, O Sovereign LORD, my confidence since my youth."

As Christians what we need to be part of our lives is that we survive of many things but not the lose of hope. No man on earth has experienced a greater loss then what happened to Job be yet he continue and wrote " Having hope will give you courage.' So keep your hope alive by trusting in God.

Thanks for your time with me and I am @bigssam from #teamghana

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We are in a time where we cannot give up, constancy time and determination to achieve the objectives.

15.10.2019 14:49

Yes @bigssam it by hope that we may know and see Him. We need to seek Him and He will seek us.

16.10.2019 13:00