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Many men do not understand who and what they are and therefore abase the grace been given to us. God created us to be gods of these earth. Many will contemplate with this but the Lord said he dwells in the body of mankind. God made the body of man like His so He could be a human body, He did so in other to govern His earth and control it.

The scriptures says "The work that I do, shall they do also" what was the meaning of this statement parishioner . it means God works through Man.

After God finish creating the heavens and earth and was walking back and forth His throne He said let us create a man in my image. After the creation of man He said " Them's My eaglets, they are flesh of My flesh and bone of My bone in my deep Spirit and my blood. God added they are mine because whatever i tell them they believe it because they are eagles just the same I'm eagle and are little gods where I am big God"

God constantly called man His children. So we are and His promise has always been kept and if indeed we are His children then we should exhibit signs to let Him know we are among His kingdom.

John 14:12;
"He that believe in me, the works that I do shall he also" that is what God is telling us.

I believe His and promises and hence i @bigssam is a god

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Wealth sharing with us. We as man should know this and not abuse the body because the body is the home of God too.

16.10.2019 12:55

The Bible never said we were to be gods. If we were gods we wouldn't be accountable to God himself. So it's ridiculous.

16.10.2019 18:23