Will Wells Fargo treat we well this week?

Last week Friday was the first show of life WFC has given me in a bit, and this morning in pre market it looks to be up about 1%. Oops I almost put 12 percent, I wish that would get my trade cooking with gas. But the chart looks really good, my only concern is if the overall market begins to falter. Big down days have a tendency of wrecking the charts, and bringing others down with them. First though, we will need to break through the 20 and 50 day moving average. They both sit at 25.07 for the 20 day, and 26.47 for the 50 day. If we can get through those, as we failed on the 50 moving average 10 days ago. I do believe we will see blue skies up to 30 area.

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10.08.2020 12:57

This is a very beautiful moment.

10.08.2020 16:15

It has been a major laggard compared to the rest of the market. To me it looks like it is ready to break to the downside of it's range if there is any significant weakness in the overall market.

10.08.2020 19:44

Na, easy for someone to say who is not in the game

11.08.2020 03:19

That's why I am "not in the game".

11.08.2020 16:45

Why is it so weak btw? It still hasn't really retraced any of the March declines while the rest of the market and many of the other banks have?

11.08.2020 16:48

It does not have a trading arm... It is strictly a bank. I believe they call it a wamam

12.08.2020 03:13

Ah so it is really impacted by a the pandemic.

12.08.2020 18:51