Who Killed the PIPE LINE

Well the oil pipe line has been halted, and it doesn't really add up. The Democrat's preach green green green, but that is not how they act. For example, the canadian oil is still coming over the boarder, but via trucks and trains. The two most risky ways of moving oil.

Lets break down the pros for a pipe line. Well it is the cheapest way to move it, the safest way to move it, and the most energy efficient way to move it. So why kill it if you are truly about being green. Moving to the train cars possible spill, train crashing possible spill, moving it via trucks possible crash and spill. So who is the winners of shutting it down. Not the environment..... BUT THE RAILROADS!!!!!

Who is it who owns the RAILROADS...... Warren shady deal Buffet. Who also was Obamas right hand man for the econmy.... Buffet, who profited the most under obama....Buffet..... Pretty ironic we go against efficiency for money ...not when you are shady politicians.


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That's pretty cool to know. Politics is an another level system. General people almost all time cant understand it.

05.04.2021 06:48

I think you found one of the Clues, about what's happening...
April 5, 2021... 1.3 Hollywood Time...

05.04.2021 08:18