The Rebel base has been FOUND!!!

If you follow my post, so that is like maybe .5 of a person, you know that I have been battling pigeons. Ever since I got a new roof, they have been all over it, and I have been fighting back. But, last night I started to trim up my palm trees, and and there were literally 10 of them sleeping in the tree. I was like 3 feet from them, and they did not move, so I am going to finish trimming that up today, and they will have no place to sleep near me. If they don't go peacefully I will have to build a death star. There is no middle ground.

20200705_075248 (1).jpg

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I always read you only your support gets very little. Therefore, life should live on one's own thoughts

05.07.2020 15:56

Maybe catch and cook those pigeons @bigram13, that is if you have a taste for pigeons :D
I do not think that trimming those palm trees has an effect on the pigeons making it a home shelter too but best regards :)

05.07.2020 22:56