First of all I want to tell you about the typewriter, which children found in the attic.

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They asked their father what it was, and he told them that it is a typewriter that was used to write letters and books with.
He had to remind them that it worked by putting paper in and then you just started typing.
His children looked at him very surprised.
They wanted to know where do you plug it in, and he said you do not have to.
Ok so where is the battery to keep it working.
The father said it does not need a battery.
Then the children looked at him and asked, why did no one invent this earlier as it needs nothing to work?
This is what the father was doing at the dinner table he was typing on an old typewriter.

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Father finds a wonderful way to show his children that they are not communicating in the family. 
How many of us who have children that are more interested in their cell phones than in having a nice conversation with the family at the dinner table. 
This father did not complain he just found a way to make them see it and it worked.      

courtesy of you tube

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