Half Abandoned Garden And a New Home


Without any hands to pull the grass weeds.. the garden quickly returns to nature’s grip. It will be swallowed by the thicket in two years at most without tending to its care, and that, it appears is the fate for this plot of land once used to grow food.

Though only a two year expirement, the garden was a joyful experience, a hobby I will take with me wherever We end up down the road.

For now, this plot of land will see itself return to a wild jungle of weeds and thorn, normalcy just a few yards away will creep back in at a rapid pace.

At least I can pull this last harvest this season and hope that by next year I have something figured out where I can plant some form of a garden.


The compost squash plant turned out to be a Howden pumpkin.. how awesome. Huge pumpkins forming and I suspect I won’t discover some until they’re bright orange.

I have an idea where I may be able to plant a pumpkin plant around our current house so as to not make a mess..


Purpose of the day was to pull the first ready to harvest potatoes. At first hand dive into the dirt, things were looking good.


By the end of our brief time spent at the old place, we pulled the remaining garlic and shallots that managed to survive the grass invasion.

Our potato haul seemed average at best. I am very grateful for being given the chance to grow these foods.

I am saddened by the loss of the immediate ability to continue growing, but I am determined to find a home where we will be able to resume our hobby that literally puts food on the table.

And hopes to broaden the range of what we grow.. I.e.. meats!

For now, just silent plants will do, since we live in town, ever closer to concrete city full of people.


Beans sure ended up producing a whole bunch. @kelsnm has a meal of Ham and green bean soup planned ahead.

Our new home is coming along well. We have our own space. We have our own home. But this is a temporary location, for we both desire to return to the private country. (We still own that forest property that is being demolished this week).


A quaint house on the corner. With a yard for baby James to be able to grow up and play in. A literal blessing from the Heavenly Father himself, that i was able to begin searching for a home, and within two hours be in contact with a landlord willing to rent this property to us, and begin the lease immediately.

One year.

James will still be too young to really “know” what’s going on if we move by then.. time will tell..


Life sure has been crazy, but I am thankful to be living it.

I pray to Heavenly Father. Take care y’all.

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16.07.2019 16:08

Always sad when you leave a place and the land you made better while you were there. Become a great patio farmer for the next year

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16.07.2019 16:31

That is what I’ll have to do! Brought all my container peppers along..

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16.07.2019 16:38

You can still have this hobby, just have to adapt to the new small areas you have. So proud of you for accepting all these new changes the past 2 weeks. Love you :)

16.07.2019 22:02

You've been visited by @minismallholding from Homesteaders Co-op.

A sad farewell, but land which goes back to nature so quickly after being farmed for food, is land farmed well. What takes over will still be food for wildlife as natures provides as only she knows best. I hope you have lots more gardening to come in your future.

Homesteaders Co-op

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17.07.2019 02:48

No I cannot see myself leaving gardening aside.. i brought most my peppers and may plan to build a large box planter for a nice urban garden.

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19.07.2019 06:40

I always think a garden planting is a good use of time, even if you have to leave it. Like planting trees that only get tall and fruit when you are dead and gone. Someone will enjoy it.

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17.07.2019 06:57

A concept I too have thought of.. many perennials I planted will remain and hopefully reproduce.. and even the annuals I tossed whole rotting fruits into the meadow weed line in hopes to see some wild growth down the road..

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19.07.2019 06:38

It's such a rewarding thing to do. My mum used to have this spectacular herb garden. When I used to go from rental property to rental property comma I used to grab cuttings and seedlings from her and plant them in each garden. I swear there was one town I lived in about 20 different places and each one would have had a herb garden courtesy of my mum. Now I plant trees knowing that when I am dead and gone and the land is no longer under my ownership that hopefully someone will enjoy them and thank the person who planted them. A better memorial than a gravestone that's for sure.

19.07.2019 09:35

I’d like to begin a small garden where I reside now. Even had the landlords approval... just a little late in the season now.. the grand solar minimum is going to have us feeling cool temps very soon I feel.

And warm weather plants don’t grow that fast in cool temps..

But I don’t think I could place a lasting image on this recent land I’m living on. Not like how I have at my Fathers. Brambles, which once dominated the land prior to me bulldozing and building the garden... all which was documented on Steemit here some two years ago... not sure if it’s still up but.. now the brambles will have to compete with allll the rotting fruits and beans and pods with their seeds ready to germinate next year under the dead weed corpses that will bury them.

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