DBJP # 55 - Sitting Sturdy

Little man sits up on his on his play pad like a big growing boy, patiently waiting for lunch.

He makes typical human activities look so dang cute!



He’s been so happy to get up on his feet each morning to get walking..




I’m so proud of my little guy. Every day he gets a little stronger, smarter, and begins to show his personality more and more to us.

He certainly loves his Mommy and Daddy.

But he also loves to make sure that Mommy and Daddy are both nearby.. I wonder his thoughts when I am at work, now that he can likely form more complicated thoughts.

Once he masters walking in the next week or so, we’ll have to get him potty trained ASAP! That’ll be big for the squad!

I love my little man James.


His face is changing too, bit by bit. Hope he will remain such a handsome fella.

I pray to Heavenly Father, take care y’all!

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