DBJP #18 - Mini Ghost Buster


Ready to suck up some dust devils and whatever else he sees... James sees Mommy and Daddy do something, means he has to perform the action too!

Surprises me every day. But I should learn not to be surprised with this boy. He is a quick learner, has been so far. I pray he remains as inquisitive and curious as he is.



And that he remains a happy little boy as he gets a little older. He brings so much joy to us, and every one he encounters it seems.

A blessing. We love him so.


This little daily journal of James will catalog his growth along the way as a side benefit.

I remain humbled. For I remember that I too, was a boy and having what I would consider a nice childhood, I want to give that to my boy.

I pray to Heavenly Father. Take care y’all!

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