The Diary Game 4/29/21 (assist visitor and continue cleaning at the campus)

Hello! Mabuhay!

Today we had a visitor checking in to the campus to checked their previous job inside our dormitory, they are job contractor to our cabinets and tables every dormitory in our campus they are doing a final check list so they can made and proceed to their expected billings as a contractor. They checked the rooms one by one from second to fourth floor since this are the only finished rooms we had as of now.

While they are checking all the rooms to the said floors i also do my part of taking some pictures with them so i can also made a report to my boss who was at Korea at this moment. Me and my boss only communicating through kakao talk app, for him to be updated all what happened inside our campus company we also do a daily report to our daily task inside and outside guest/visitors and also to our daily job task.

When the visitors finished checking their works inside the campus they quickly left and prepared for some of their billings soon, On the other hand i continued what i've started last day i was cleaning and removing wild grass at the back yard area of the campus. If i have nothing to do i always find things just to have any works to do while i am on duty.

I am almost done cleaning on this area and on the next day of my duty another works to be find and do some landscaping to our plants inside our campus premises.

Hoping you all guys had a wonderful day! Stay safe, stay in good health and God Bless!

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Todo está quedando muy bien saludos desde Venezuela amigo @bien

02.05.2021 03:18