Steemit-Garden Report | November 30,2021 cleaning and checking my mini garden crops #club5050😀😍😍

Hello steemit garden lover and to all of my friends all over the globe here in steem platform. It's been a while you've never seen my garden because i am a bit busy of taking care my little 2 months old baby boy, but now i have a time to share it with you since i have enough time for gardening now while my baby sleeping and His auntie and grandmother will take care of him if he will awake.

Today i just check and clean my crops as you can see some of my cassava crops and sweet potato crops are on their way to harvest by next month maybe i will harvest them at the third week of December or second week. It is such a blessings to see my crops growing well and healthy even with that i still need to take care of them and cleaning around my garden and removed those growing wild bushes inside using my small (guna knife) this is the most used by Filipino for gardening, crops for digging.

My sweet potato crops has a good size of steem and roots which is means sweet potato crops under are in good size and shape also actually i could harvest them now but i want a bit more bigger size so i choose to harvest it next month. I am excited to share here in steem platform specially here at Steemit-Garden community the harvest day of my crops help me to witness my good crops until to its harvest day.

Thank you for having your time reading my Steemit-Garden Report, until next time! Have a wonderful day ahead stay safe, stay in good health and be Blessed.❤️❤️🙏

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