Adding 10% to @null and @sportstalksocial as my beneficiary to help and maintain Sportstalk token.


Yesterday i read @neoxian-city post about beneficiaries and on how to do it. I've been using sportstalk for 15 days now and i just burn some of my post by sending @null sportstalk token.

Now i set my own beneficiaries of 10% to @null and @sportstalksocial to help burn sportstalk token and to help maintain and sustainability of sportstalk token. Sportstalk had a 1T investment on @steem-engine and Circulating 100-198 Billion of sportstalk token.

The community of sportstalk are growing day by day and the only way to give back what i had on sportstalk is to give back also for the sustainability of sportstalk and to help spoststalksocial community.

If you wanted to do as will like what i did! go to advance settings then add account @null and @sportstalksocial


Credit to @neoxian-city for posting about the beneficiaries thank you sir!

Any suggestions and advice are freely open on the comment section below.

🔥🔥Let it Burn🔥🔥IMG_20180929_180016.jpg

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