"We Are Engine" Digital Collage


IVY: Hey Eddie, Have you heard of the machine that immortalizes dreams?

EDDIE: No. What is that?

IVY: It is called "We Are Engine". It stores your dreams through the Neurons and keeps them. Don't you want to stay with me forever?

EDDIE: Of course I would like to stay in a dream with you forever.

Hello @georgeboya, all #hive-174904 (Collage Community) and other Collage Lovers on Steemit,

I prepared this collage for contest organized by @georgeboya on #hive-174904. As it seems above, I tried to tell the story in my head. Now you know this too.

May be you will like some motion too:


Made this digital collage with Adobe Photoshop. You can see working progress from below:


Used Images (Thanks a lot to their artists):

Hope you enjoy,
Thanks for interest.

You can get information about and participate #hive-174904 Collage Contest by @georgeboya from link:

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19.01.2020 18:02

Thank you

19.01.2020 18:41

Wow, really perfect in idea and skill:) Another great entry, thank you so much for taking part:) The idea reminds of the movie Until the End of the World, they were trying also to create a machine to record dreams and plat them. Really surreal you should see it:)

20.01.2020 07:59


20.01.2020 17:55


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thank you

20.01.2020 16:14