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13.02.2020 08:01

We've become copies of copies of copies in a world where the only thing that is respected is an authentic copy and not authenticity itself. How utterly absurd!

13.02.2020 22:41

I created it this morning while watching porn. It can't be a copy of something. =P If there are others They must have been copied it from me. Mthrfckrs. They are stealing my art.

13.02.2020 23:05

What if they also were watching porn and were listening to the same keyhole?

14.02.2020 01:06

Will come here and write their names.

14.02.2020 14:06

No one person has exclusive rights to any one key hole. All key holes are owned by everyone. Some are the same and some of us listen together intently.

Some people come up with the same ideas at the same time and are at different parts of the world, having listened to the same keyhole.

14.02.2020 15:19


14.02.2020 15:24