Elevator Party

I was trying to shoot an elevator outfit selfie but suddenly lights turned out and I liked this elevator light effected image more.

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Thank you

07.12.2019 11:49

Lights went out! That's terrible--I don't like elevators (and I used to work on the 51st floor in the Chrysler Building, Manhattan!). Good thing you had the light from the cell phone.
Hope you are well and peaceful, @bidesign.

07.12.2019 22:22

You are so kind. Thanks for interest @agmoore. Yes everything going well. =)
It was just the timer of lights. I have no bad memories in elevator till now and hope It won't happen in future.

08.12.2019 14:06

I'm glad you are well. Following your panorama shots....hoping for some art blogs :)

08.12.2019 20:01