The Diarygame Betterlife 4/16/2021 How I spent Friday? I shared beautiful pics of my Workplace


ear Steemians, Today I got up early in the morning and I washed my face. It was Friday and Ramadan-ul-Mubarik so I observed fast. After observing fast I went to the mosque for prayer and I prayed a prayer. I came back to my home and took a bath and changed my clothes. I went to my workplace. I reached my workplace and I think to share some pictures of my workplace with you. So, I took some pictures and shared these pictures with you. I took my own picture and other many pictures which I shared in this post.#

My own Picture001.jpg
Iis picture, we can see the beautiful view of my workplace. It is a hospital and it is a very facilitated and so big hospital. It carries all hundred facilities of patients. Its environment is very clear and organic and it has its natural environment. It has a small road for the public and it has a beautiful and wide parking area.#
My beautiful Wrrokplace


This is a beautiful view of the tree and its colour is green and it is very nice and big. It is glowing like any flower Leaves are green and beautiful and they have a sense of nature. The building of my workplace is looking in this picture and it is very beautiful with red colour. #

Trees and BBuilding

This picture is showing beautiful trees and it is very lovely. It is the creation of nature and it is very nice and so beautiful. These trees are also very beautiful and green. We can see the beautiful building of a mosque where we say a prayer. It is also very beautiful and #

Large Nu of Trof Trees


This is a view of the quarter for employees. These quarters are very strong and beautiful and made of original material. We can see beautiful trees in this picture that are amazing and cute. Beautiful green grass is looking in this picture. The grass is very soft with a great sense of nature. I'm proud that I live in an organic environment. ent. #

Quarter rand Grass


This is a beautiful view of a beautiful tree and it is also very amazing and so nice and very beautiful. It is an important part of the beauty of my workplace. This is amazing and wonderful.
ful. #

Wonderfful Tree


This is a view of the beautiful and amazing view of leaves of beautiful decorative leaves. They have dry and soft pink leaves that increase their beauty. I took this picture from the wall of the beautiful quarter. This is a nice and amazing view and I like it so much. These leaves are fresh and green.

een. #
Decoratiive Tree


This is a beautiful tree and I saw it and I became delighted. It has red leaves that are looking so beautiful and nice. It is a nice and amazing scene. This is a very old tree and it is very beautiful and plays an important part in my workplace.

ace. #
Tree with Amowers



This is a beautiful view of decorative plant and it is in my workplace. It is beautiful and cute and it is a very pretty plant. It has small leaves and it is so much amazing and so beautiful plant. Green plants have much importance in our environment.

Bent. #
Beautifuive Plant

!ve Plant


I came back to my home to leave duty and I took bath and changed clothes again and went to the mosque for the prayer of Jumu'ah. I came back to my home after saying a prayer and I took a rest in my home. In the evening I went out of my home. I went to the outside of my area and I saw this beautiful structure there. It is a statue of a duck and its white colour is Beautiful.

Arful. #
Art and




his iul sunflower and its colour is white. Its beauty is so much and it has a great sense of nature. Its yellow colour is so attractive. It has an amazing fragrance and many people like it so much.

Sunuch. #



n theame back to my home and breakfast. I thanked my God and offered prayer. I create this post and shared it with red it with you.

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asslam o alikum @bhaiaslam

Your first Friday of ramzan really good your workplace photography also full of nature your photography like a professional photographer thanks for sharing your post with your community future

16.04.2021 17:39

the place is very nice and beautiful,

16.04.2021 17:55

Hello steemian Friend! Your post about beauty of work place is very nice and informative. I like your idea and photography very much.

17.04.2021 01:15

Dear @bhaiaslam your post is outstanding..i like your is awesome..thank you for sharing

18.04.2021 13:46

Your post is nice and your workplace awesome.

18.04.2021 14:50

Your post looked very sweet and photography is very good, thank you very much sir

18.04.2021 18:46

@bhaiaslam nice blog about the dairy game for better life.
The way u running community together nice work and motivation for us..
We are hoping we will grow with u more day by day..

19.04.2021 07:37

Sir you have prepared a very good post in which you have photographed the place where you work and you have photographed beautiful decorative flowers and photographed different types of trees and every You have mentioned the name of the tree, everyone else, your post is very great and about Tron and Stemt, it is a very good platform and people should invest in it and take advantage of it. Good is commendable

19.04.2021 09:59

I saw your post. Your post is very good and you are working very hard and honestly and you tell us about everything in the world.

19.04.2021 10:54

Sir you shared your turn with us in a very nice way and that was a very good diary of yours and very cute in which you told about the activities of the whole day.

19.04.2021 14:16

It's good idea Photography and Written. Please share Photography for all. Welcome

19.04.2021 17:36

Very nice post brother i like your post

20.04.2021 11:34

A brilliant post

22.04.2021 05:45