Contest for Photography Week-1 with Steem Future Held by @bhaiaslam

Welcome to everyone in this contest

Hello friends, the contest organized by @bhaiaslam in Steem Future today is going to be very interesting. This week, for the first time in our community Steem Future, the contest is going to start in which our dear Steemit friends can do any kind of photography that you can share with us. This contest will be very amazing. It will also be very interesting because in this contest you don't have to write or work as many words as other posts. You can share your original photos with us. You can receive prizes. The aim of this competition is mainly to create awareness of photography in the community's people. We welcome all the participants in this competition.

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Category of Photography

You can share any kind of photography with us in Steem Future.

Who can participate in the competition?

Everyone is being welcomed by Steem Future in this exciting and amazing photography competition ie anyone can take part in this competition and take the reward.

Conditions to participating in the contest

  • An image you have already posted to a community will not be allowed to repost in this contest.
  • Copying and posting a photo from Google or any other internet source will not be allowed and the post of the person doing so will be rejected.


  • Post at least six pictures of your area
  • Must use these recommended tags ( #photography #contest #steemfuture #steemexclusive #steemit)
    • Copy-paste not accepted (Use plagiarism free content )
  • Content should be consist of at least 100 words
  • Take special care of words and grammar. It should be correct
  • Post link of your post in the comment
  • Upvote and Resteem this post
  • Don't forget to mention to @bhaiaslam in y our post
  • After pasting the link under the post don't forget to add a comment


  • This contest is valid from 30/4/2021 to 6/5/2021
  • Post according to the conent

Prizes for Winners


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Comments 101

I am very happy to take part in this contest, and with this contest, hopefully #steemfuture can develop, and can produce extraordinary content

29.04.2021 19:25

I'm glad to see in our community Photography contest will Held in this week.
Its will push us Toward Competition and we can enjoy the Photography talents.
I'll be must part of this contest.
Best of luck.

29.04.2021 19:39

we warmly welcome all participants, and welcome to follow

30.04.2021 09:09

Dear, I'm very glad to see that you visited this post and determine to join the contest in this community. I hope that you will keep it up.

30.04.2021 09:50

wow I Will Take Part In This Contest Friends, I Really Love This Contest @bhaiaslam

29.04.2021 19:52

thank you if you want to enter this contest, and good luck

30.04.2021 09:10

yes, same friends

30.04.2021 10:48

Thanks, dear I'm waiting for your post in this contest.

30.04.2021 09:51

Okay friends k

30.04.2021 10:49

thank you

29.04.2021 21:34

It's a very extraordinary idea, I am very interested in this contest, I hope the Steem Passion community will be more advanced in the future.

29.04.2021 21:44

Thanks for posting a post in this community and I hope that you will keep it up in next future.

30.04.2021 10:06

Of course @bhaiaslam, I will do my best to help you to advance and I will continue to support this community. I hope it will be more advanced in the future.

30.04.2021 10:19

all are warmly welcome here, be a winner in this contest

30.04.2021 09:12

Thanks for appreciating me and I hope that you will be participating in this contest.

30.04.2021 10:08

for sure, I will participate and support this content

30.04.2021 12:27

I like to take part in such competitions, I am very happy

29.04.2021 23:58

thank you if you want to be a participant

30.04.2021 09:13

Thanks, I hope that you will be participating in it.

30.04.2021 10:13

That's great ,its a good opportunity for steemit users .its an extraordinary idea ,i really like this contest, photography contest is a good competition between steemers. I hope that we really enjoyed it.

30.04.2021 04:21

Thank you, for your kind comments, and we warmly welcome all participants in this contest, and become champions in this contest

30.04.2021 09:15

You said right that it is a great opportunity and you can share your ideas and get the reward.

30.04.2021 10:11

You said it right and I hope that you will be participating in it.

30.04.2021 10:16

thank you, san I am waiting for an extraordinary post in this contest

30.04.2021 09:16

You said right. it will be a very wonderful contest and everyone should participate in it.

30.04.2021 10:14

Very nice post sir

30.04.2021 08:48

Thanks a lot,,

30.04.2021 09:16

Bhai kuch hamari post pe bhe vote de do plzz

30.04.2021 09:45

Very good man has reached this picture, I have mentored you and thank you dear.

30.04.2021 11:55

wow, I am very happy to hear this news, very interesting, greetings to the success of Steem Furure InshaAllah Bhai aslam

30.04.2021 14:09

Hello man this is good work and I hope that this contest will prove very good for this community and I will try to participate it and I hope that I will be succeed in this contest.

30.04.2021 17:27
0 Here is my participation in the contest. This contest is really a great opportunity for all members to improve their photography and posts. I really glad to participate in it. Thanks @bhaiislam

30.04.2021 20:02

Bhai aslam i hope i will win the contest in this comunity your post is awsome bice regards

01.05.2021 00:23


I hope that you will be well. As I visited this community today and I saw the beautiful post of the contest of photography in this community. This made me happy. So, I decided to upload a post in this community and I'm glad. I thank @bhaiaslam which started this contest and it is a great opportunity for the peoples to improve who have fond for photography.

01.05.2021 06:09

Good shoot

01.05.2021 06:30

Salam upon you @bhaiaslam
I posted a post in this community for contest and I'm glad to know that you had started contests in your community. This is a wonderful and amazing idea to create a sense of photography in community people.

01.05.2021 07:07
01.05.2021 08:05

This contest is very wonderful contest and every one must take part in this contest.
Photography Contest Week one Steemfuture Tomb of Hazrat Baba Mulan Farid Basirpur

01.05.2021 09:33

I am very thankful to you Aslam Bhai for holding such an interesting competition for us friends. and also for our encouragement. I will do my best to take the best photography.
Photography Contest Week 1 Steem Future( 01-05-2021)

01.05.2021 12:14

Extraordinary Contest!

Great platform and excellent opportunity to learn the art of photography. It is definately a good effort of @bhaiaslam as well as the steem future team. Please carry on these type of contest. In fact it arouses a passion for work effectively. It is different from diary game. Thank you so much for creating great opportunity to participate in this plaatform.

Here is the link of my Photography Contest W Week-1


01.05.2021 12:40

I hope that this contest will prove very good for us and it is really very excellent contest. This is a link of my new post and I hope that you will give me my feedback.

01.05.2021 12:42

This is a really good work you are doing @bhaiaslam
I really appreciate your efforts. With these contests photographers push themselves to take their cameras and do much more photography which is very nice thing.

Here is the link of my participation post in this contest.

01.05.2021 13:29

I am very happy to enter this contest, thank you @bhaiaslam for holding this really amazing contest.

01.05.2021 15:57

Mr. @bhaiAslam, you have organized this competition and I am very happy that I am going to be a part of this competition..

01.05.2021 17:18

Contest for Photography Week-1 with Steem Future Held by @bhaiaslam @ uncle majboor

@Bhaiaslam dear admin you are awsome bro this contest is better for our community.
This contest upgrade our community quality i hope you will vote me and select for top of this community.

Love you πŸ’•

01.05.2021 17:41

Good working sir . Thanks

01.05.2021 19:42

Assalam o Alaikum
Dear brother @bhaiaslam here is my contribution.

02.05.2021 08:39

I will take part this contest.your contest is so good

02.05.2021 10:32

I really feel awesome by participating in this contest. This is very interesting and useful for us and it will increase my capabilities. Thanks for conducting this contest.

02.05.2021 13:15

This is very mindblowing and fruitfull activity organized by this community of steem future. I am very glad to becoming the part of this contest
Photography contest weak-1 ||steem future || My Nature photography

02.05.2021 16:54

this is very good activity for whole members good work sir

02.05.2021 17:31

This photography contest is a good initiative and thank you @bhaiaslam for providing us opportunity to show skill and chance to learn more about photography.

02.05.2021 19:15

I saw that people were matching their pictures and beauty scores on Contest Photography, so I was very happy I wanted to work in the middle and I have done my first post which is that of my wedding ceremonies. I hope that you will like this post and I will try to put the best post in the contest and show you by working ://

02.05.2021 19:40
03.05.2021 06:53
03.05.2021 08:55

I am very happy to take part in this contest, hopefully it will be well received and hopefully be the winner. Thanks you

05.05.2021 15:08

Wow I am really glad to participating in this contest. I am really greatful to sir @bhaiaslam
Who gave us this opportunity for beautiful photography as a contest
Allah will bless you a lot @bhaiaslm
You are really good person and my ideal
Thanks a lot

06.05.2021 17:12