Makeover Marathon!

Phew!!! What a day! A solid 10 hours of vintage makeovers at the studio!
I decided to do a last minute offer on vintage makeovers for ladies willing to let me use a before photo them (no makeup, hair done), to feature along side a full Betty Noir makeover and mini photoshoot.
I couldn't resist but to just take a few piccies on my phone as well.
So here are today's makeover. 5 gorgeous ladies.
My first client of the day was Sarah. Sarah was heading off to compete at a burlesque competition. Her act that she was performing was based around Marilyn Monroe, so she wanted a classic 50s look. I went for a classic pincurl set. Curling 1 inch sections downwards, and pinning in place to cool, whilst I did the makeup. Again a classic pinup look, with the cat eyes and red lips. Forever a firm favourite of mine. Once the makeup was done I was able to remove the pin clips and brush out those curls. The look of horror on some ladies faces when they see me take a brush to the curls! But this is the vintage way and it's how we create those uniform curls.
Client number two was the beautiful Terri. Terri has never tried a vintage look before, so it's always a little nerve wracking showing the client the finished look! Will she like? Won't she? Luckily she absolutely loved the look, and I think she wears it so well. Her skin and features were an absolute dream to work with. The makeup seemed to glide on effortlessly, and she just has the most beautiful eye shape, emphasised by the classic black eyeliner.
For the hair I wanted to go for a Dita Von Tease feel. Terri's hair is a little shorter than Dita's, but the glossy black hair was just crying out for a pageboy style. I think the look really suits her.
Moving on to my third client of the day. A friend of mine, who I've had the pleasure of styling and photography, several times over the years. The lovely Tania. This was the first time I'd gone full on vintage with Tania. I was feeling brave and she was happy for me to take the reigns. So we opted for a poodle up do. Tania's hair is pretty short at the back, but I somehow managed to get it all twisted up into a French pleat, and stacked the curls high on top of her head. It was such a cute look.
I wanted to stick with pinks for the makeup, as it felt very soft and feminine 50s, and contrasted beautifully with the top.
My fourth client of the day was Hannah. I've styled and photographed Hannah once before. She has masses of hair so this one took some time.
Hannah arrived just as Tania was leaving, and she loved the poodle hairstyle so much that she wanted to try the look herself.
We opted for a half up half down do. I'm so glad we did because the curls at the back I created were just vintage perfection!
I decided I wanted to keep the eye makeup more simple and Hannah wanted to use a more neutral lipstick, rather than my usual red. So the look has a more softer 40s feel to it.
My final client of the day was this scrumptious lady, Tash. Tash doesn't usually style her hair or wear makeup and has an undercut, so this was something different for me. Tash wanted to go for a 20s look and I was keen to give her a version that was more wearable today, as she was off out on a date with her fiancΓ© later that night.
I pin curled Tash's hair, curling each section downwards and allowed to cool. Once cooled, I brushed the curls together against my hand, to create smooth S shaped waves. Using a little pomade wax to smooth any flyaways, I then used duckbill clips to help form and set that S shape, giving it a blast of hairspray to fix.
For the makeup we went for a classic 20s smokey eye, and a deep red lip. I kept the lip shape modern, rather than the well defined Cupid's bow and purses lip look that's was popular in the 1920s.
Tash had brought along a satin headscarf which was the perfect addition to finish the look.

It's been a long day, but I love to keep busy. I have a few more ladies coming in tomorrow, so I'm off to bed to rest my aching legs!
All in all I think it's been a pretty successful day!

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07.02.2020 22:15

All good...Hannah looks legit though. The hair style I mean. Nice work.

08.02.2020 02:27

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08.02.2020 06:08

Amazing hairstyles and make-up. Well done.

08.02.2020 11:45

Thank you @shaidon 😊

08.02.2020 16:02

No worries!

09.02.2020 01:44

Beautiful work! Doing all those pincurls is no small feat. How long does it typically take you to do a classic 50s makeover like the one on Sarah? I do my own hair and makeup regularly so I've got it down pat, but it always seems to take longer when I'm doing it for others...

So excited to discover another vintage, pinup, burlesque-loving lady here in steemit land!

10.02.2020 19:07

How wonderful to find another pinup in the community! πŸ˜ƒπŸ™ŒπŸ»
I totally agree, it takes me a fraction of the time to do my own hair and makeup, compared to styling someone else. I will spend around 60-90 mins doing hair and makeup on my clients, if they've opted for a full curl set.
Looking forward to seeing some of your posts!

10.02.2020 21:19

I've been watching many, many movies from the 1950s era lately (mostly scifi b-movies), so I'm partial to the retro style!!!

14.02.2020 03:26

You can't beat a good old fashioned B-movie! πŸ˜‚

14.02.2020 18:47