After months of creation and development, #BetTronLive’s plug-and-play live dealer casino based on the #TRON #network has launched. Behind its launching are:

Five Thousand plus (5,000+) Power Pick Draw registrants
Almost 12,000 community members
Almost 500 players in the first hour of launch and growing


To create your TronLink wallet address on TronLink. First, you need to download TronLink to Chrome, iPhone, or Android here: TronLink

  1. Open the link and add the chrome extension
  2. Key in your password
  3. Create your wallet
  4. Type in your preferred username

How to add your address into the BetTronLive platform:

  1. Visit: BetTronLive Website
  2. Click on the Mine&Play pop-down menu
  3. Choose Lambo Dice
  4. A notice of confirmation will pop-up. Select to add the BetTronLive DApp in your TronLink whitelist to link your address to the BetTronLive platform
  5. Click ACCEPT

BetTronLive_Dice (2).png


To start playing Lambo Dice, you first need to follow the steps mentioned above. After confirmation acceptance, BetTronLive platform’s plug-and-play will kick in.

If you have a positive amount of TRX in your TronLink wallet linked to the BetTronLive platform, you can immediately play Lambo Dice.


lambo dice dashboard.jpg

  • BET AMOUNT (TRX): The amount of TRX that you bet with
  • MULTIPLIER: The value used to calculate your payout, your betting amount multiplied by your chosen multiplier will determine the payout
  • PAYOUT ON WIN: The amount of TRX that will be paid out when you win the bet
  • WIN ODDS: The chance that you will win the bet shown as a percentage
  • RAKE BALANCE: The amount of RAKE you were able to mine for every bet and dice roll, regardless of whether it’s a win or loss. The RAKE you mined is immediately credited after every bet and dice roll.
  • ROLL UNDER X: With this button, indicate a number between 0 and 96 to place your bet on
  • FOMO POT: 5% of game revenue will go directly into the pot. This pot will be won by the last person in control of the timer when it hits zero. To qualify to win the FOMO POT, you have to bet a minimum 300 TRX in one go.
  • ROLL DICE: once you place your bet, you can click this to activate the dice roll
  • AUTO OFF/ON: Also known as Nitro-Roll, while ON the dice will keep spinning until you click it again to turn it OFF (or until your wallet needs to be refilled).

Nitro-Roll (3).png


Your TronLink wallet connected to your BetTronLink account will be your source of funds and revenue. When you bet TRX, the amount that you bet and lost will be automatically deducted from your TRX balance. When you win, it will be added automatically to your wallet.


As a community-oriented project, we appreciate early platform adopters and active players. Therefore, with our launching game, Lambo Dice, we are offering everyone DOUBLE RAKE MINING for ONLY 48 HOURS after launch.

double rake mining.jpg

BetTronLive offers a new way to earn and play.

RAKE ‘N ROLL with BetTronLive’s Lambo Dice.

Let’s play and enjoy the game!

Legal Disclaimer

BetTronLive® users must be 18 years of age or older to register and play any of the games on the platform. Participation in games may result in financial losses with players bearing any and all possible risks. Players are advised not to spend more than they can afford to lose within the games on the platform. BetTronLive® involves cryptocurrencies and token mining. When participating in token mining and transacting with cryptocurrencies, players must abide by local and national regulations, restrictions and laws of the jurisdiction they reside in. It is the responsibility of the players to avoid violation of any and all of the applicable laws and regulations. BetTronLive® does not make any form of commitment or guarantee of the intrinsic value and appreciation of the RAKE® tokens.

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Congrats to the launching of the beautiful platform. I have played a couple of rounds and I must say I am thoroughly impressed with the platform. I have seen many projects in the past with similar themes and nothing comes close to it. I was even more impressed on how quick the support when some players has questions about the platform or encounters issues.

02.08.2019 07:21

This is really cool isn't it? No doubt we both play dice from different gaming platforms before and I really find this uber-awesome!

03.08.2019 20:27

This platform as a lot of potentials. I am glad to participate early on.

06.08.2019 06:49

Now is the time to play. Congrats.

02.08.2019 07:31

Congratulations again to the team, great job!!! This is one of the games i wanted to try!!!

02.08.2019 07:32

congrays to the whole team , you are all doing a great job. it's gettung more and more exciting as it always has something to announced almost everyday. Gotta try playing .

02.08.2019 07:34

You got a 6.25% upvote from @promobot courtesy of @ankarlie!

02.08.2019 08:07

This post has received a 19.32 % upvote from @boomerang.

02.08.2019 08:27

Finally! Congratulations! Time to explore, More power!

02.08.2019 08:50

Congratulations Team. Good Job! Hoping for success.

04.08.2019 01:29

Congratulations to the team for the successful launch! Looking forward to more games to come!

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02.08.2019 11:19

I have tried a lot of dice games before and surely the Lambo Dice of @bettronlive is superb! This gives ALL players the amazing user-experience once they start playing the game!

I must say, totally excellent! More improvements will eventually be felt later for sure. We are all excited for more games to come!

03.08.2019 20:12

Good Job Team. Looking forward....:)

04.08.2019 01:35

A big round of applause for the launching of looking forward for more success

04.08.2019 02:25

its a good game to engage with

04.08.2019 13:20

Such a beautiful dice game, can't wait to test it out.

04.08.2019 14:01

Great informations, thanks for introducing how to play Lambo dice. Congrats for this awesome platform.

04.08.2019 17:29

Kuddos to the team. I know you'll achieve more in the near future

05.08.2019 16:50

Greetings! @bettronlive: I am in the said project and there was an error said: Not Found
The requested URL /LamboDice/ was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. what should I do next?

06.08.2019 02:05

nice plaform

06.08.2019 08:57

good project, play and earn.

06.08.2019 10:34