Five Teaching Fun and Fun Facts about Tea

 Sit back. It's time for a hot tea cup and a few interesting facts about this popular beverage in the world. Over the past nearly three decades, preferences for this aromatic beverage made from leaves may have changed for the last three decades, but its charm has always remained.

From camel caravans to political revolutions, tea has always been a regular companion of men. Yes, do not forget those whose bodies were also buried with tea and other essential items for the 'next world'.

1. Evidence of the first use of tea in China 200 years ago

2. All types of tea are derived from the same plant species

3. Chinese Buddhist monks introduced the tea ceremony in the 15th century, but the Japanese made it a regular ritual, which later became a semi-religious and social tradition.

 4. Most of the tea in Russia used to bring camel caravans from China.

 5. Tea plant grown in India is a subspecies of Camellia sinensis asamica.

The taste of Assam tea feels better in the form of black tea instead of green. The leaves become blackened by oxidation or oxidation which removes their flower-like taste, making it thicker, sharper and 'like'.

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