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Summery On Homework Task 3

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Dear Friends ,

Home work task 3 based on the topic Lesson 3 : How to spot trade ? Everything a beginner need to know was ended on 28 th February. First of all I must say that I'm really happy to see a great interest for the lesson 3 from members. There were over 100 submissions and I'm trying my best to reach each post by you. My course is designed for the newbies. My homework tasks are not complex and one can do their own research and prepare the homework task. But I always encourage the members to practically try the lesson and explain the steps they follow with screenshots. Most of the members had explained spot trading and margin trading with screenshots from different exchange platform as I wanted. I'm really glad to see that. What I need is to give the basic understanding for the people who need to get the very fundamental knowledge with practical experience. Such as how to use a exchange , how to deposit funds , how to do a simple spot trade etc. Those are the things I wanted to teach for the newcomers. I must say I'm really glad to see the number of homework submissions for my course. I will try my best to reach everyone of you personally and leave my idea.


Plagiarism - Please Don't !

I'm really upset as I found lot of members who have submitted articles with plagiarism. Some have copied from external sources and some even have copied / translated homework's submitted by others.


I always check for the plagiarism of articles before leaving a review. All the professors check them. So please don't submit homework tasks with plagiarism. Be genuine and always submit your own work ! The reward you earn in a genuine manner worth a lot !


Learning Outcomes !

The first 3 articles of my lessons are for the newcomers who want get the practical experience on how to do fundamental activities on crypto currencies. If you are a newcomer and you followed the 3 following lessons with homework tasks you should have achieved a lot.

Lesson 1 - Introduction to cryptocurrency trading
Lesson 2 - Topic 2 : How to setup a trading account
Lesson 3 - How to spot trade ? Everything a beginner need to know

In the first lecture I gave you a general idea of cryptocurrencies and also introduced you the basic analytic tools , monitoring tools and leading crypto related blogs. And in the second lecture we discussed about how to set up a trading account and do basic activities like depositing , withdrawing , verifications etc. And you created tutorials for almost all the leading crypto currency exchanges for the homework task 2. And now for the homework task 3 , I wanted to give you the very basic idea of spot trading. I'm really happy to see lot of members following that lecture with great interest ! Now you should be able to use an exchange by yourself and do your trading activities by yourself.


Weekly best 3 Homework Submissions

From the submitted posts of Homework task 3 , I have selected best 3 articles which I believe should be well rewarded. I basically check the quality of the content , article arrangement , creativity and the effort taken to do the homework task when reviewing the articles. Here are the 3 best articles I selected for this week. I welcome all of you to read them as they bring lot of valuable information !

1. @ale.aristeguieta - Steemit Crypto Academy week 3 | Homework for @besticofinder|Spot and Margin Trading everything you need to know as a beginner

For example: If we buy 5 STEEM at $ 0.35 = at $ 1.75 but it goes down to $ 0.30 you will still have 5 STEEM but its value will have devalued to $ 1.5
This is one of the pro's of doing spot trading, you still have 100% of the assets despite the fact that their value varies by the purchase price of the assets. Read More

One of the greatest advantage of margin trading is that you can make larger profits because of the greater value of your trading positions. It can also help you to diversification, as you will have the option to open different positions with little investment capital. Margin Trading makes it easier to open positions without having to move large sums of money to your accounts.Read more

2 .@ckole - Crypto Academy Week 3 Homework Post for [@besticofinder], Explain Spot Trading and Margin Trading and Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Spot Trading and Margin Trading

Spot trading is referred to as a ground in which buyers and sellers can transact financial assets at an agreed market price which is most times immediate. Spot trading cut across many areas like crypto, forex, and commodities. Spot trading can be likened to trade by barter that is done in those days. You give me 2 pounds of Apple, and you get 1 pound of roasted chicken.Read more

There were number of very good submissions. And there are some I haven't reached yet. I love to read them all and leave you my idea about your homework. I will reach every article soon as possible.

Now you can submit articles for the Homework task 4 ! Please make sure to use the correct tag for the week 4 (#besticofinder-week4 ). For the week 4 , I'm discussing a new topic with the objective of giving you a basic understanding about crypto currency mining. Hope it will be helpful for you.



Homework Task 4

You need to do your own research and create an article discussing following topics,

(1) How crypto currency mining works ?
(2) What is Mining Difficulty ?
(3) What are the challenges for crypto currency miners ?


• Your homework post should be posted in crypto-academy community.
• Your article should be at least 300 words.
• You have to create a simple guide in a way a newbie can understand and follow the steps.
• No plagiarism please . You can use images taken from copyright-free sources mentioning the source.
• The final submission date will be 07/03/2021
• Add tag @besticofinder in your post, it will help me to find your submission. Use #cryptoacademy and #besticofinder-week4 , so that Steemit Team can find you.

Thank you.


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Un saludo Profesor, usted no ha revisado mi tarea 3: Este es el link The Steemit Crypto Academy Semana 3: Spot Trading y Margin Trading, ventajas y desventajas. Y ya se juntó con la nueva tarea de esta semana que es la semana 4 Crypto Academy Week 4 Homework Post for [@besticofinder] : Introducción al minado de criptomonedas. Le agradezco que por favor las revise. De nuevo, un saludo.

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