Work Intelligently

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Hard work pays especially when intelligence is applied. Working intelligently means knowing and understanding the principles of each task, set goals, target and deliverable. Sometimes we spend so much effort trying to solve one problem rather than seek help, learn and move on to other challenges. Self-learning is good, but learning from experts who have gone through the same experience and challenges is smarter and makes the work easy. Before carrying out any task, take a close look at the requirement, check your resources and materials needed to get the desired solution, ask questions where necessary, carry out research, if it is a huge task that requires team work, then assemble your team comprising of experts from different fields who will bring their knowledge to bear. Try to improve on existing work, also note that there are laws that govern whatever we do, so try and follow the rules. Not following the rules may lead to achieving the wrong results. Laws gives us guidance on how to go about our task, so learning the rules is very key in achieving success. Take for example a project of installing a pipeline, the law requires that such projects must go through environmental commission approval before any work can begin, building without the right permission has penalties, and claiming ignorance of the law is no excuse most times.

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Hello bestgift , very well written opinion, I agree. Together you are more successful than alone. Greetings👍

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